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About Ayuna Shampoo

Revitalizing Solid Shampoo

Hair care in a single product – from roots to ends and scalp. SHAMPOO is a solid bar that combines corn powder with Argan and Coconut oils in a 94% natural preparation that detoxifies and softens both the hair and scalp. The combined deep cleansing and nourishing action provides holistic revitalisation. It also offers maximum sustainability by minimising the environmental impact.

The estimated equivalent of one bar of soap is 3 bottles of shampoo of the same weight. The estimated minimum saving in water consumption is 60% and our bar has an expected duration of 40-50 washes depending on hair type.

Waterless Beauty

The solution that considers the environment
as well as taking care of your scalp and hair.

Our process also means reduced energy consumption compared to hot technology and guarantees a much smoother, higher quality product.

We also make savings in terms of water consumption. This is an environmental protection measure and translates into less impact from the generation of waste derived from plastic packaging. The estimated equivalent of one bar of soap is 3 bottles of shampoo of the same weight.

Revitalises the hair and scalp.
Deep cleansing, leaving hair shiny and full of movement from the first application.
Detoxifying and anti-pollution action, reducing the impact of accumulated residues in the hair cuticle.
Moisturises the hair fibre and scalp.
Formula suitable for sensitive scalps.
For all hair types, including colour-treated hair.

How To Use

Wet the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck, paying attention to the hair shafts and tips. Wet the bar. Spread the shampoo through your hair by moving the bar in a circular motion over all areas of the head: the top of the head, the temples (including around the ears) and the nape of the neck. Emulsify the product, fifirst on the scalp, then on the middle of the hair shafts and finally on the tips. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process.


Solid Shampoo


the new paradigm of hair hygiene –
less is beauty

Deep Cleansing and Detoxification
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate + Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Cocunut-derived cleaning agents. The exceptional deep cleansing ability, which is extremely gentle and has an excellent dermatological profile, respects the scalp and the hair fibre. It also creates a rich, luxurious lather and a silky finish.

Corn Macromolecules – detoxifying absorbents
The unique structure absorbs pollutants and dirt.It supports the natural process of hair detoxification and revitalization.

Revitalising Coconut and Argan Oils
Excellent partners in high-quality hair treatments.

Beautifulness Cocktail
AYUNA’s approach to hair care goes beyond the hair fibre, looking at the whole system from the nervous, endocrine and immunological levels, as an organised and social system, and adding aromachological dynamics that increase the dimension of the treatment.

We research ingredients and design formulas that effectively respond to the aspirations of people in search of CLEAN beauty (free of substances of concern), and which are backed up by scientific techniques:

• 7 independent studies (4 in vivos; 4 in vitro)
• 11 parameters evaluated

• Cleaner, less greasy and free of residual pollution.
• Cleansing and foaming capacity equivalent to the standards of the most aggressive surfactants (SLES, SLS).
• Hydration above surfactant standards (SLS).
• Skin and mucous membrane tolerance.
• Aromachological action having a direct positive impact on your emotions and sense of well-being.


Natural Essential Oil-based Fragrance (gurjum, rosewood, myrrh, chamomile, rosemary, buchu, texas cedar, and guaiac)

  • Natrue and/or Ecocert Compliant
  • Free of ingredients of concern
  • Vegan

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Ayuna Shampoo

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